The Studio



Yoga is a physical. mental, and spiritual journey that originated in India. Yoga calms the mind, soothes the soul and realigns the body allowing deeper stretches, poses, and so much more.

We offer many different kinds of yoga styles such as:

Vinyasa style Yoga

Warm/hot yoga

Restorative Yoga

POWER yoga

Yoga Basics

Parent & Child Yoga

Classes are $10.


The mind, heart, and body can improve with meditation. Meditation helps with stress, negative emotions, PTSD, and anxiety. This class places you in a state of tranquility. Bring yourself back to health with this guided meditation class.

Our classes will vary. We offer meditation classes from kundalini, grounding, and singing bowl therapy.

Classes are $10.


Grooving to the beats of salsa, flamenco, and merengue music feels more like a dance party than a workout, which is exactly what makes Zumba so popular.

We offer Zumba level one and two. We also have classes for our seniors. Get up, get moving, joint our class by booking online.

Classes are $10.

Latin Dancing

Bachata is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. It is danced widely all over the world.

These classes are designed for beginners and great refresher classes. These classes may change to accommodate different levels.

Note: We have an instructor who travels to our location to teach Salsa dancing once a month. This instructor will do a 90 minute workshop for salsa and bachata. Ask about it!

Beginners basic classes are $10

Workshops are $25


Hula Dancing

Dance to the rhythm of the islands with this aerobics class that focuses on tradition and storytelling. Hula dancing has become an aerobics exercise that combines hula and Tahitian moves. Join this class and sway with us. Tell your story with every move.

Classes are $10.