Terms & Policies

Booking Online

The best thing ever!  Our website has the BOOK NOW buttons displayed.  Click the Book Now button to book all your appointments.   When you place a service in your cart feel free to click the book button again to add other services.  Simple as that.  Go on and try it out!


Lounge Area

Clients who book more than one service will be given robes and slippers so that there is a smooth transition between services. You are more than welcome to enjoy the snack and beverage bar.  We offer a variety of teas for your taste buds.  Infused water will be available at all times to keep you hydrated.  If you need anything our spa assistant is there to cater to you.  When sitting in the comfortable waiting area, please be mindful that the Massage Therapist may be in a session.  We ask that you speak softly as we like to maintain the spa environment at all times.  


The Hydrotherapy Suite is available just for you.  We accommodate couples (double occupancy).  We recommend bringing in a bathing suit or swimming trunks for modesty. We will provide you with towels and infused water to keep you well hydrated during your Cleopatra inspired bath rituals.  Before your massage booking this service deepens the relaxation.  Unwind before your massage begins.  Our Hydrotherapy Tub has 26 massaging jets to ease sore muscles.  We tap into your senses with aromatherapy essential oils in your ritual. Book today!

Infrared Sauna 

For the Sauna Suite, our spa Assistant will make sure you have what you need.  Please bring one of the following: Bathing suit/Swimming Trunks/Workout clothing for the sauna.  When you reserve the suite, you will have access to the Shower.  Spa assistant will discuss your session before beginning.  This service is amazing for detox, clients who suffer from arthritis, and those looking to incorporate a little something more to their weight loss program.  Our Sauna room is just for you and a friend.  We provide Magazines, Infused water, music and color therapy in this amazing sauna.  Try it out!

Salt Room

We ask that you do not bring any liquids into the salt room. Feel free to bring headphones to listen to music during your 45min session. We provide you with meditation music if you would prefer to use our equipment. Make sure to bring socks for when stepping into the room as it is covered with salt everywhere! What an experience.